Home loan

Buying a house generally involves much consideration and planning, whether it will be one for your own occupation or an additional one for investment. There can be many things to contemplate before making the decision to proceed, our team is well placed to help you with some of your decision-making, based on their knowledge and understanding of the property environment and the experience they’ve gained from helping many people like you in the past.

If/when you make the decision to proceed with your property transaction, we then look to source on your behalf the best possible finance options to meet your individual circumstances. That includes leveraging the most advantageous terms, conditions, rates and loan product for you.

Construction loan

Construction lending usually involves the custom building of a new house, or small-scale housing developments. Construction loans can be taken out by property owners or builders and are typically short-term facilities for the duration of the actual building project.

Depending on lender terms and conditions, repayment flexibility can be a feature and interest only payments may apply while the project is underway. The lender may also impose special conditions and covenants around things like resource consents and environmental aspects etc.

Upon completion of the construction, the finance can generally be either repaid or refinanced to a structured longer-term loan.

Our Advisers have the necessary knowledge and experience to assist applicants with the requirements and obligations usually associated with construction lending.

Business loan

We do secured and unsecured business loans. There can be a marked difference between lenders on loan terms, interest rates and product features. Business loan is often structured by way of both longer-term business loans and shorter-term revolving credit facilities (such as overdrafts) to give businesses the flexibility of managing their cash flow effectively.

Our Financial Advisers have experience in dealing with lenders who provide business loans. We understand their criteria and requirements and are well placed to present an application on your behalf that will have an increased chance of being considered favorably.

Commercial loan

A commercial loan is a loan secured by a commercial property such as an office building, shopping center, industrial warehouse or a building in use to run a business such as dairy. Commercial property, in many cases, can be purchased with tenants and leases in place. In New Zealand, tenants are liable for fitouts and repairs. They are also usually liable for utilities, rates and insurance, which means a better net return for the commercial property investor. On a commercial property, banks generally lend up to 55-65% of the value of the property or the purchase price. Most commercial loans repayment period is between 10-15 years. Interest rate on commercial loans is usually 1-2% higher than standard home loan rates. Contact our Financial Advisors if you have any enqueries about commercial loan.

Personal loan

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Car loan

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